Things I enjoy
Musicians I Like: Picture Of Rapper Eminem
Picture Of Rapper Hyperaptive
Picture Of Rapper Hopsin
Hobbies: Picture Of The Google and Youtube Symbol
Being On the Internet.(Specifically To Watch Youtube Videos and Browse Google)
Picture Of The Simpsons Main Characters Picture Of The South Park Main Characters
Picture Of A Kid Shooting Baskets
Shooting Baskets (strictly just for fun).
Picture Of A Figure Listening To Music
Listening To Music (Particularly Rap).
Qualities I possess: Picture Of A Compassionate Kid
Compassion and Empathy.
Picture Of Somebody Laughing
Very Goofy (Do Not Take Things Seriously).
Picture Of People talking
Friendly And Social.
Picture Of An Expressive Meme
Thick Skin
Picture Of Happiness
Qualities I like In People: Picture Of Loyalty
Picture Of Fakeness
People who are true to themselves and don't act different or be different to impress.
Picture Of important quote and advice
People who like to laugh and not get offended easily
Picture Of very good quote
People with thick skin, and do not worry about peoples thoughts, feelings, or verbal actions towards them
Favorite Basketball Players: Picture Of Legend Kobe Bryant See Above See top See top KOBE BRYANT! Picture Of Legend Allen Iverson Allen Iverson Picture Of Future NBA Legend Carmelo Anthony Carmelo Anthony
Idols Of Mine: Picture Of Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant
Picture Of Eminem
Picture Of Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson (fictional idol)
Favorite TV Shows: Picture Of The Simpsons TV Show
The Simpsons
Picture Of South Park TV Show
South Park
Picture Of Zoey 101 TV Show
Zoey 101
Picture Of Drake And Josh TV Show
Drake And Josh